Video conference interview tips for business professionals

Friday, March 1 2013

Video conferencing software enables business leaders to conduct virtual interviews with candidates worldwide. The platform gives employers opportunities to extend their reach to attract top talent, and business professionals can use the solution to connect with first-rate organizations. 

Conducting a web interview may initially seem different from an in-person meeting, but participants will quickly realize the distance between participants is eliminated, thanks to quality video conferencing platforms. In fact, the following tips help ensure that conference attendees can display courtesy and professionalism throughout the sessions. 

1. Make eye contact - Take full advantage of video conferencing software by making eye contact with other participants. Active listeners can ask questions and respond to queries without delays. 

2. Work in quiet areas - A busy workspace is far from ideal for video conferences, as participants could encounter a wide range of distractions. Instead, find a quiet office to host a video interview that enables participants to stay focused and productive.

3. Display a professional appearance - Dress for success by wearing an outfit that sets a positive first impression. Participants can say a lot with what they wear, and interviewees who wear professional attire could stand out to company leaders.