Video conference on the go with a tablet computer

Monday, October 17 2011

Technology changes regularly. After saving up for months to purchase a device, it could be extremely outdated within just a few weeks. With all of the innovative advantages of the latest tablet computers, businesses are discovering how useful electronics with wi-fi and integrated webcams truly are.

The iPad2 comes equipped with a two-way camera that allows users to video conference no matter their geographic location. For businesses, this offers a valuable way to spontaneously hold online meetings with coworkers or clients. However, even with the most updated electronic devices, an innovative service is required.

MegaMeeting is a 100 percent browser-based web conferencing service that allows individuals to connect with up to 16 users at once. Due to its unique software, MegaMeeting users can even connect through the browser on their personal tablet computers. In cases where users are on the go, having the ability to connect via webcam through a mobile device can help business run more smoothly.

Companies that require their employees to travel throughout the work week could benefit from supplying each individual with a personal tablet computer. That way, if an urgent situation arises, individuals can easily connect to one another in a personal manner to help solve an issue or make unanimous decisions on a pressing topic.