Video conferencing at self-checkout stations

Monday, August 22 2011

In recent years at many retail stores, computerized self-checkout stations have replaced personalized check-out stands. Although the changes in technology have removed most of the social interaction that comes with shopping, many consumers find the services more convenient and efficient.

However, the removal of all store personnel can create unforeseen problems. Sometimes equipment malfunctions and does not work correctly. If there are no employees around to assist consumers, the transactions may not go through or can take longer than they have to.

Video conferencing equipment could be used in these situations to help assist consumers. Instead of employing an abundance of workers in a retail location, video conferencing stations on each self-check out register could help solve problems and answer customer questions.

For bigger retail locations, personnel could be located at a centralized location and answer questions from consumers throughout the country. Companies would save money by hiring fewer employees and still continue to offer superior customer service.

Companies such as MegaMeeting offer retail outlets an opportunity to maintain a successful level of customer service and cut costs in the meantime. MegaMeeting provides video conferencing software to businesses across the country in many different industries at an affordable price.