Video conferencing, by nature, is a green technology

Thursday, September 1 2011

Video conferencing, by design, is a green technology. It's service (to provide instant communication between two or more people) greatly reduces travel costs and expended energy. This is perfect for industries that are looking for new ways to initiate eco-friendly practices as a way to improve their image.

Consumers look for eco-friendly practices within a company. Whatever their motivation may be, the changes in a company's operations that help to reduce pollutants being released into the ecosystem are welcomed by all. If making policies more eco-friendly comes with a reduction of the costs tbhat are spent on commutes, the organization is more willing to quickly implement the service.

As a result of rising commute times, fuel costs and their accompanying environmental impact, many companies are discovering the benefits of video conferencing. Companies such as MegaMeeting offer the technology to businesses helping them make better use of time normally wasted commuting to work while positively impacting the planet.

Companies that initiate environmentally responsible policies can also improve their reputation with consumers and investors. Acquiring video conferencing technology promotes a business' conscious effort to maintain the environment and be resourceful, which is admirable in the eyes of many individuals.