Video conferencing can be helpful in completing tasks

Monday, April 18 2011

No work environment is perfect, and there are many different factors that can weigh in on the success of your team. Luckily, the advent of technology like video conferencing has made it significantly easier for collaboration.

Managers, however, do have to understand that the effectiveness of video conferencing technology depends on the tasks that are being undertaken.

When it comes to team cohesiveness for example, remote groups can be virtually made closer with video conferencing. In fact, according to a study from the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands, remote groups seemed to adapt to the limitations of their situation with great positivity. "Compared with face-to-face groups, video-teleconferencing groups took fewer turns, required more time for turns, and interrupted each other less," the study added.

Besides team meetings, video conferencing can also be useful when it comes to expediting decisions. Other than cutting travel expenses, the technology can also be used to make decision-making a faster process. Business executive who may need to establish new policies at a remote branch in another state or country can easily use video conferencing technology to provide management decisions without having to be there physically.