Video conferencing can do more than reduce travel costs

Thursday, June 9 2011

One of the most common uses for web conferencing technology is connecting executives and specialists over vast distances for important business meetings. While this may be the main appeal of video conferencing, it overshadows the other benefits of a teleconferencing system.

Information Week has reported upon a Forrester Research survey of company executives and business leaders that regularly utilize teleconferencing technologies. Unsurprisingly, 62 percent responded that video conferencing was an important tool because of the savings it provided in travel expenses. Additionally, 19 percent indicated that video conferencing allowed for greater innovation in the category of product development. However, only 9 percent said that the technology resulted in better collaboration and shorter intervals between planning and product release.

These statistics may change in the near future, but for the time being its clear that there are untapped resources in video conferencing technology. Businesses that have not yet installed this technology may wish to consider the benefits of increased creativity and collaboration that web conferencing makes possible in addition to the reduced travel expenses the technology offers. Additionally, companies that already have teleconferencing suites would do well to begin taking advantage of their entire range of benefits.