Video conferencing can end complaints about millennials

Wednesday, September 25 2013
Video conferencing can end complaints about millennials

No one can blame establish professionals for being threatened by online video software. After all, old people are never ones to jump on board with new technology and accept that their younger counterparts might have better, more efficient ways of doing things.

The latest case of grumpy men and women groaning about kids involves phones. Specifically, millennials aren't picking them up and calling their colleagues enough, according to The Wall Street Journal.

There's not a whole lot of sense arguing the point, but there's some solid middle ground. Keep reading to get a look at why older professionals want youths to start calling each other again, and why video conferencing technology represents the perfect compromise.

I was sitting, waiting, wishing…
The news source writes that one of the primary complaints senior staff members have is that millennials would rather email each other than talk on the phone, which "can hurt business, hinder creativity and delay projects." That complaint, of course, assumes people don't check their email, which they do all the time thanks to smartphones.

The easiest way to deal with this issue is to use digital meetings for business communications. Workers can create virtual boardrooms and then email the information to their associates. When those recipients are ready to talk, they can log into the conference and talk about the matters at hand.

This is a convenient option as it allows employees to decide when they actually want to speak to someone. Phone calls don't offer this benefit. Anyone can call you whenever they want. It's so bothersome that Kevin Castle, chief technology officer at Technossus, told the Wall Street Journal that he unplugs his phone and keeps it in his cabinet.

Emails don't work
Finally, Patty Baxter of Metro Guide Publishing thinks that her sales staff can't connect with clients and leads through email. To her old-school thinking, the only way representatives can get anywhere is by picking up the phone and talking someone's ear off.

Apparently Baxter has never heard of video conferencing and collaboration tools.

No one likes receiving cold calls so companies that rely on that tactic will like annoy potential customers. Successful sales agents can use email marketing to initiate dialogues. Once there's an ongoing conversation, they can hold online meetings with prospects, talk about products or services, negotiate, send a contract through a digital signature app and close the deal without ever actually touching a phone.