Video conferencing can help companies find the perfect employees

Wednesday, June 29 2011

The highly-touted benefits of web conferencing technology include the savings that come from reduced travel as well as increases in innovation thanks to instant collaboration. These are certainly two of teleconferencing's biggest selling points, but focusing on them to the exclusion of all else can obscure some of the fringe benefits of video conferencing.

One that is becoming particularly useful as job markets become increasingly competitive is the opportunity to recruit workers remotely. The traditional interview process that requires candidates to travel for an on-site interview limits the pool of applicants to those in a business' geographic area. Perhaps some interested individuals might decide to travel for a particularly enticing job, but for the most part, the costs involved are prohibitive for candidates.

It is easy to imagine the competitive edge that companies can gain if they use video conferencing for interviews. Whether through the use of hub teleconference suites in other cities or by allowing applicants to chat on their home PCs, businesses can find the best and the brightest, irrespective of their location or ability to travel. While this isn't necessarily the most popular reason to embrace teleconferencing solutions, it is a minor point in favor of web conferencing systems.