Video conferencing can help repair workers to investigate issues before they travel

Friday, August 19 2011

Video conferencing is a great way to improve customer relations. Many service-based jobs rely on customer feedback, and for repair businesses, video conferencing can save them a lot of money on travel expenses.

For repair professionals such as electricians and plumbers, before beginning a project they are usually asked to produce a quote for the project. Some homeowners prefer to shop around for the lowest quote before hiring a repairman to work on a problem. With video conferencing equipment, repair workers would be able to investigate problems and speak directly with potential clients about expected expenses and learn more about the problem.

Offering customer service through video conferencing would reduce travel time and expenses, which would prove valuable for businesses that pay workers on an hourly basis. A company would also be able to produce more quotes per day due to less travel time and the availability of personnel to actively review each case from the comforts of an office.

Companies such as MegaMeeting could provide service companies with the equipment and software they would need to offer superior customer service to consumers. The technology would be a convenient way to reach more people in a shorter period of time while offering quality information directly to the customer.