Video conferencing can help to train new employees

Thursday, September 29 2011

Recent increases in the adoption of remote work policies at many companies show that more companies are hiring employees based on their skill and experience rather than geographical location. These companies are focusing on individuals who can meet certain criteria, rather than being conveniently located. Sometimes the best candidate is from another state, the other side of the country or even around the world.

Technology has made it possible for businesses to easily access workers through email, cloud services and more recently, video conferencing software.

Video conferencing can be used in place of many older types of technology. While telephone conference calls and email chains are still effective, having the opportunity to speak face-to-face with a new hire can help communicate all that is expected of them. Furthermore, an employee who does reside halfway around the world is still in need of some basic training. Video conferencing can be used by managers to inform and introduce new employees to business practices and protocols.

Companies such as MegaMeeting can help organizations setup video conferencing technology. The added benefits of improved communication can result in productive remote workers who fully understand the projects to which they are assigned. MegaMeeting is an affordable way to bring employees and employers together to collaborate and work more efficiently.