Video conferencing comes to Wyoming courthouse

Friday, February 4 2011

The Johnson County Courthouse in Buffalo, Wyoming, will soon have a new and improved way of communicating with the world - video conferencing technology.

The video conferencing equipment will come from the Wyoming Supreme Court and will allow the smaller institution to conduct proceedings via video conferencing, create digital video recordings of courtroom affairs and communicate with other law enforcement entities throughout the state and the country, reports Sheridan Media.

The upgrades were approved by Thelma Axberg, Johnson County Clerk of Court. At a meeting on Tuesday, Axberg said that courtrooms throughout the state of Wyoming are looking to be on a single computer and video conferencing system within the next two years. The only cost to Johnson County, she said, is to install new cable for the video system within the courthouse itself.

The courthouse will also be replacing its outdated computers with newer models, the source adds.

Video conferencing technology is especially important in a rural state like Wyoming, where vast differences can separate towns of a just a few hundred people. The technology helps people, businesses and government entities stay in touch, no matter how far apart they may be.