Video conferencing connects remote students to the classroom

Wednesday, October 5 2011

Universities attract a wide-range of students, each coming from a separate and unique background. Depending on the educational program, students may be enrolled remotely and attend classes by using innovative technology such as video conferencing. While the convenience of learning from home benefits those students, a lack of proper software can put the pupils who come to class at a disadvantage if they have to collaborate with remote students.

Colleges around the country are utilizing video conferencing software to help students both on campus and off to work together and coexist in a conducive learning environment. Students who are assigned to work with remote classmates can effectively communicate with them through video conferencing technology provided by on campus libraries. Instead of forcing these students to interpret emails and juggle phone calls, they can speak directly to one another through a computer screen.

MegaMeeting can provide educational programs around the country with the equipment and software they need to help connect students. The reliable and high-quality video-stream allows students to work on projects from their personal computers and efficiently produce quality work for classes. MegaMeeting is an affordable way for universities to adjust to the times and help each and every paying student succeed.