Video conferencing enables businesses to implement work from home policies

Monday, June 17 2013

Many employees expect to be allowed to work from home on occasion. With cloud services and strong wireless networks, many companies have met staff members' demands by implementing remote working programs. According to a recent survey conducted by BizLaunch, 93 percent of respondents telecommute on a regular basis or have employees that do so. 

Small business owners have begun realizing the benefits of working from home. For instance, 56 percent of survey respondents stated that they believe that telecommuting boosts productivity. This line of thinking is supported by a recent study conducted by a team from Stanford University. The researchers observed remote workers at a Chinese travel agency and concluded that those who were at home were more productive than their in-office counterparts

However, telecommuting does present certain challenges. Most notably, companies must find ways to ensure that there is ample communication between staff members when they aren't in the same workspace. Implementing video conferencing technology is a great solution for combating this issue. Employees can easily log in and contact their associates to discuss important matters despite being miles apart. Cutting-edge software will enhance communication while allowing businesses to offer remote work programs.