Video conferencing growth leaves hotels changing their ways

Thursday, November 14 2013
Video conferencing growth leaves hotels changing their ways

Video conferencing software is of growing importance in the business world, and many have found how much it facilitates collaboration and improves communication. As hotels hurry to improve their facilities and include tools such as this, it shows just how indispensable it has become for those who were ready to embrace it.

Room and board and video conferencing
Hotels around the world are working hard to update amenities in meeting rooms for the workers who stay there, and communication has been one of the central objectives. It goes beyond mere Wi-Fi service, though - companies are doing their best to include video conferencing and other collaboration tools. The Westin Resort in Bali, for instance, recently created a highly interconnected workspace for visitors, according to Officing Today. The company is finding it has been very well-received, according to Bipan Kapur, managing director of the hotel.

"Given our strong conference business base, this is the perfect initiative to support the urgent last minute meetings that often arise during our MICE events that we host here at the resort and convention center," Kapur said. "Many of our function rooms are booked months in advance so Tangent provides a convenient alternative where travelers can meet in a thoughtfully designed environment that is conducive to business."

The video conferencing has an interactive space and a four-person seated workspace, and is surrounded by HD LCD televisions, a printer and a sound system.

A changing workforce
The changes are part of a broader evolution toward greater abilities in communication at hotels. As the younger generation enters the workforce, many are working to accommodate their demands for constant communication in both the personal and business realm, according to Curbed.

Kathleen Ngiam, the Hospitality Design Director of Washington, D.C. architecture and design firm CORE, said that hotel design has changed radically in the past several years. Hotels were once insular by design, but it's now essential that they connect the outside world and enable tools

"They're really about connecting and Instagramming and sharing good and bad experiences," she says.

Distance is no longer an obstacle to business, and remote meetings enable companies to be productive at all times. Hotels are realizing this is imperative to visitors, and if you want your company to last longer than a brief stay at a Hilton, online video software is a tool to consider.