Video conferencing has evolved over the years

Friday, September 30 2011

Business travel is necessary for communication in many industries because employees often need to meet with clients in order to collaborate on projects. However, the costs of trips from home offices to those of clients can add up and usually waste company funds that can better be used elsewhere.

Technology can play a vital role in budget conservation while continuing to provide businesses with opportunities to work with industry leaders across the world. Thankfully, video conferencing has evolved over the years, first making its appearing in the 1970s as a part of AT&T's Picturephone invention.

Today, new developers such as MegaMeeting have taken to designing their own video conference software. MegaMeeting supplies businesses all over the country with video conferencing technology that allows them to cut business travel costs while still regularly touching base with clients.

Clients and businesses enjoy the convenience of video conferencing technology because it allows them to connect at a moment's notice. If a pressing topic needs to be discussed, business partners are able to have an intimate, face-to-face conversation through the computer screen. MegaMeeting has taken business travel and replaced it with video conferencing software. It saves time and money while reducing the headaches associated with constant travel.