Video conferencing helps news outlets conduct interviews

Thursday, August 11 2011

When they read the news today, most people want to be informed about the latest headlines from all over the country, not just their local bubble. News sources are left with the tough task of figuring out how to provide newsworthy topics in a credible way.

For smaller news outlets, obtaining facts and personal testimony from people who've experienced tremendous things across the country can be hard to do. Video conferencing has long been used for on-air television interviews, but there is a potential for newspapers and blogs to incorporate the technology into their strategies.

Audiences want descriptive pieces. It is easy enough to figure out the main topic of an article, but details and first-hand accounts from the interviewees are what keep people interested. Companies such as MegaMeeting can provide newspapers and other media outlets with the technology to conduct interviews with people and get those important details anywhere in the world.

If there is an astounding story in Oregon and the news outlet is in Rhode Island, having video conferencing equipment helps a reporter better cover a developing story. As technology continues to advance, the world becomes a more connected community. Learning about what is happening miles away from us has become a necessity, and video conferencing fills that informational gap.