Video conferencing helps workers appreciate occasional travel

Thursday, December 1 2011

In some work environments, travel is a top priority to success. Leading sales executives, international leaders in business affairs and companies with global offices all have frequent opportunities to travel - at times too often. Flights and train rides every weekend can wear on a professional's well-being and cause a loss of productivity during the week.

With video conferencing technology, work professionals can significantly cut back their travel time and meet with clients or coworkers through online meetings.

A red-eye flight from California on Sunday night to be back to his New York office for a 9 a.m. meeting on Monday can transform into a Sunday stroll through Central Park because he conducted an internet meeting from New York on Saturday afternoon. Monday morning does not have to be such a dreaded affair. 

While video conferencing is a major decrease in travel time and costs, the occasional face-to-face meeting with a client may be necessary to close a deal. For those much more seldom instances, the professional can look forward to his work trip instead of dread it, and even plan a little extra time for recreation or sight-seeing.