Video conferencing improves communication within a business

Wednesday, September 7 2011

Video conferencing improves communication between businesses and their clients. While the communication tool has been available for years, it has only recently emerged as a highly effective tool to improve connectivity between collaborators.

UCLA recently published a study claiming that 93 percent of communication is conducted using only visual signals. Being able to speak face-to-face with a client or employer is valuable for each party, as it is easier to pick up on one another's tone and mood from facial expressions and hand movements.

Remarkably, the innovative tool has only begun to enter the workplace in the past year. This is in part due to the improvements of cloud services and video quality but is also the result of more and more businesses learning how video conferencing can affect an entire organization.

MegaMeeting provides video conferencing software to companies throughout the country, allowing them to better communicate with people wherever they are located. Video conferencing with coworkers instead of traveling up flights of stairs can save time and help quickly answer questions.