Video conferencing improves employee training

Friday, October 21 2011

Considering how much time it takes to train new employees, it's no wonder that fewer companies are wasting time by informing individuals of policies and procedures in person. Instead, businesses record training webinars using video conferencing technology. These recordings can cover a wide range of topics, which can then be used to instruct new hires on how to conduct themselves in a professional work setting.

MegaMeeting can help businesses utilize video conferencing to build a comprehensive collection of informative webinars, which will save them time when it comes to informing new personnel.

Furthermore, the same technology could be used for the interview process. Managers would be able to connect with candidates from around the world. The technology would give them the opportunity to speak with individuals about their career goals or past experiences. From there, it would be much easier to make a sound judgement about a person's character.

It's safe to say that video conferencing has already changed the way businesses operate by impacting the ways people find employment. MegaMeeting is an essential partner in this process, as they can help organizations make a leap into the digital age with video conferencing technology.