Video conferencing interoperability is in high demand among businesses

Thursday, April 26 2012

Video conferencing has emerged as a must have tool in today's modern business. It has dramatically helped to increase workflow efficiency by streamlining important information at incredible speeds. Video conferencing technology has also been known to help trim budgets by reducing the need for unnecessary travel, while cutting expenses and transportation emissions in the process. It is a green technology that can substantially lower a company's carbon footprint, and it is cost-effective enough to help turn a profit relatively quickly compared to other technologies.

It is with this basic understanding that many companies are employing or have already established video and web-based conferencing technology as an integral business tool for use in daily operations. As technology continues to advance and evolve with the consumer demand for mobile devices and interoperability, video conferencing is following suit. In fact, web-based conferencing interoperability is one of the most desired functions that businesses are considering when looking for solutions providers, according to Tech Target.

"[Users] are looking to maximize their return on investment [ROI] by making video extensible to an increasingly diverse base of endpoints and clients regardless of network," Roopam Jain, industry director of unified communications and collaboration at Frost & Sullivan, said to the source.

Larger businesses use video conferencing for both its internal and external communications needs as they realize it is ideal to maximize the technology's potential by extending it to a larger network. Not only can conferencing technology handle operations within an organization for training or educational purposes, but it can also help with important business operations that require remote connectivity, the source continued.

As the demand for web-based conferencing interoperability and mobile devices continues to increase, many vendors are taking the issue seriously.

"We have seen significant developments on this front already, and there is more to come. Service providers will play a key role in enabling any-to-any video communications," Jain told Tech Target.

Conferencing solutions use different platforms and technologies to implement their services. It is important to research video and web-based conferencing solutions like Mega Meeting, that offer cross platform and browser compatibility. Additionally, browser-based conferencing solutions are incredibly cost effective and do not require a heavy investment for operations.

As mobile devices continually improve web and internet access, look for video conferencing solutions to follow suit and help with meet the growing consumer demand for interoperability among portable devices.