Video conferencing is an important technology in the classroom

Wednesday, August 10 2011

Growing up, kids are taught that excelling in school will result in getting into a good college or university. Not that the sentiment is wrong, but most teachers tend to leave out the part about being able to afford it.

Tuition goes up each year and in our shaky economy, it can truly be a risky investment to try to attend school - especially if your desired destination is miles away from home. When you factor in housing, food, school supplies and entertainment expenses, you've got a bill thicker than most text books.

Video conferencing equipment makes it possible for students to attend influential universities without having to budget extra money for accommodations. There are those kids who want to have the typical college experience, but for others looking only for a good education, learning from the comforts of home can save a lot of money down the road.

MegaMeeting provides institutions across the country with the software and basic equipment they need to provide online lectures through video conferencing. The technology allows a college or university to enroll more students without having to expand their facilities. At the same time, the equipment is saving students money by allowing them to attend classes from home.