Video conferencing is evolving with the cloud

Friday, April 20 2012

As technology continues to keep pace with the growing consumer demand for flexibility, many business tools such as video conferencing are encouraging real-time "collaboration" through the cloud as a solution, according to Unified Communications Strategies.

Video conferencing has helped cut costs associated with unnecessary travel and has also been able to substantially reduce a company's carbon footprint. It has adapted to many different degrees of business including education and healthcare, and has proven to be an effective tool in all sectors, allowing businesses the flexibility to address urgent matters quickly.

Some video conferencing services are even now taking to the cloud as a way to unify their operations. Cloud technology is ideal for web-based conferencing solutions because users are not always on premise, promoting collaboration and interoperability with other interfaces. Additionally, it can help by storing and transmitting data through private, public or hybrid environments, allowing real-time IT support to be remotely administered as well, according to the source.

Video conferencing continues to evolve with changing technologies like the cloud, making it an incredibly versatile and cost effective tool for any business to implement.