Video conferencing is revolutionary for those with hearing disabilities

Wednesday, July 13 2011

Video conferencing has improved business interactions between companies that are stationed across great distances, but its usage can also be applied to many different functions outside of the business sphere.

Providing instant connectivity between people on a second-by-second basis, video conferencing can help those who are hard-of-hearing communicate at a technological level like the rest of the world.

No longer subject to text-based communication or interpreters, people who are hard-of-hearing are able to interact using webcams and computers like never before. The invention of video conferencing on many mobile devices has given that community the opportunity to communicate with family, coworkers, friends, and loved ones in a more personal manner while away from home.

These advances in communication are successfully bringing people together and changing the way we do business. In addition to streamlining the way that meetings are conducted around the world, MegaMeeting video and web conferencing technology comes with a text chat option to support live video communication for those with hearing disabilities.