Video conferencing making great strides for education

Monday, May 23 2011

The use of web conference technology solves many problems. It can bridge the gap between people who are many miles apart, and great deal of money is saved when video conferencing reduces the need for paper products. Web conferences also make great interactive teaching tools. With all those advantages, it is no wonder that educators around the world are embracing this phenomenon.

Mother Nature News reports upon the explosion of video conferencing in schools and universities. In particular, elementary schools in the U.S. and elsewhere have implemented webcams and collaborative software to encourage collaboration and education with far-flung pupils.

The University Alliance for Life-Long Learning is a $12 million investment by colleges like Oxford, Yale, Stanford and Princeton to interactive seminars and multi-media programs for alumni. Programs like this serve as a model for teachers throughout the world.

Teacher training is often offered with the use of video conferencing as well. Prospective educators can take many classes simply by using a camera, microphone and computer. This reduces costs for schools as wells saving money for teachers-in-training, who don't have to travel as much to get an education.