Video conferencing market to reach $14 billion in five years

Tuesday, November 22 2011

A recent report by the Global Industry Analysts stated that the world video conferencing market is set to reach $14 billion by 2017. Companies are widely recognizing the technology's cost-saving efficiency and the positive impact it will have on performance and productivity.

For small and medium-sized businesses, video conferencing software can open more doors than virtually any other form of technology. Companies can expand their client base without setting aside travel expenses by meeting with global customers online. Potential clients may appreciate the company's use of advanced technology as well as its reduced carbon footprint.

Now, video conferencing is not only available on desktop computers but also on smartphones and tablet PCs, allowing corporate professionals to stay more closely connected to their colleagues every day. By showing their faces via video, as opposed to making a traditional conference call, employees may be more likely to engage in the discussion during the meeting and less likely to misinterpret messages by using more than their auditory senses.

The Global Industry Analysts also stated that the U.S. is currently the largest video conferencing market in the world, but the Asia-Pacific region is fast growing. As the trend continues to spread globally, business professionals everywhere may have to end the days of conference calls in their pajamas.