Video conferencing on every budget

Friday, January 7 2011

Once considered a technology of the future, relegated to sci-fi movies and out-of-this-world TV shows, video conferencing is now becoming a reality. But not only is it a plausible technology - there are also affordable options for companies of all sizes and budgets.

If a company can afford them, there are many immersive video conferencing experiences available on the market that offer crystal-clear audio, smooth high-definition video and comfortable seating, according to Computer World.

But for firms that can't handle the high price tag, there are countless other options for holding a virtual meeting that are perfectly acceptable and very cost-efficient, especially taking into account the high price of air travel and accommodations. They may not have the bells and whistles of the more expensive programs, but the more affordable options certainly do the job.

Video conferencing is not just for the business community, either. Many schools can benefit from the technology, particularly if it doesn't break the bank for cash-strapped school districts.

Even the nation's top universities are utilizing the technology. The Columbia Law School, for example, has media control rooms in each of its primary buildings. These upgrades allow them to offer distance learning courses, guests lecturers and national and international experts.