Video conferencing popular in China, Russia

Tuesday, October 5 2010

Video conferencing technology is popular with families and businesspeople alike in the United States, and now this simple and intuitive communication solution is catching on overseas, as well.

According to a poll by Cisco, which sells video conferencing equipment to large corporations, China is one of the world's "biggest fans" of the telepresence.

"More than half of respondents in China use video collaboration technology - more than double the respondents of any other country," the company stated in a report.

According to Cisco, 52 percent of respondents in China frequently use video collaboration and 47 percent use web conferences for their personal communications. The company also reported that 90 percent of people who use video conferencing for meetings one or more times per week said doing so saved them at least two hours of work time every week.

China and its neighboring country Russia were the two nations with the highest percentages of workers who felt that video conferencing technology could improve their ability to work from home.

In addition to saving workers time, web conferencing and video conferencing technology are also great tools for families and friends who want to keep in touch. You don't have to be a high-powered business executive to save time and money using video conferencing, thanks to various web applications that can help you communicate with video conferencing without breaking the bank.