Video conferencing predictions for 2011

Friday, January 14 2011

What's in store for video conferencing in 2011? According to Avistar, quite a bit.

The communication company predicts that video conferencing systems, already a major plus for many companies around the world that want to stay in touch with remote partners and clients, will become even more ubiquitous in the new year.

With the popularity of tablet computers set to increase in 2011, video conferencing will likely grow alongside the devices. While some, such as the Apple iPad, don't have conferencing capabilities, other models set to be released by Android, RIM and other technology companies will likely come equipped with the technology. Video conferencing, which was once restricted to boardrooms, quickly moved to desks and living rooms and is finally becoming mobile.

Video conferencing on the go is great news for business professionals who want to be able to conduct meetings anywhere, at any time. Furthermore, the mobile systems will allow more non-professionals to use video conferencing as a means of staying in touch with one another, even over vast distances.