Video conferencing saves taxpayers money

Tuesday, September 27 2011

Court systems that use video conference software save taxpayers money. The technology helps to connect individuals in confinement with judges without having to employ a large number of uniformed officers to oversee the process. In addition to reducing costs associated with employing these individuals, video conferencing allows judges to quickly deliver sentences from their offices without having to set up specific arraignment dates. Overall, video conferencing helps make the judicial system more efficient and cost-effective.

Eliminating the transportation of criminals can free up officers to patrol the community. Families benefit from the added security as the police are no longer committed to having to handling criminals who have already been detained. Companies such as MegaMeeting can provide jail and court systems with the software they need to be able to incorporate video conferencing into their daily practices.

Technology that reduces spending, protects the community and positively impacts the environment as a whole has a high potential to improve our way of life. Video conferencing has already seen major growth in the business world, but it can be utilized for much more than client relations. Allowing the technology to integrate into additional aspects of daily life can benefit communities as well as private enterprises.