Video conferencing technology eliminates commuting hassles

Friday, July 5 2013

Video conferencing technology streamlines business practices and facilities communication between professionals. As a result, companies can allow their staff members to work from home without diminishing productivity. The software is particularly beneficial in that it allows employees to complete their projects without having to commute every day.

The morning commute continues to be the bane of many professionals' existences. From traffic jams to public transportation delays, traveling to the office can be more problematic than actually handling day-to-day work responsibilities.

Additionally, video conferencing software allows workers to stay in touch even when public transportation isn't feasible. For instance, many commuters in San Francisco have found traveling to be near impossible since personnel from Bay Area Rapid Transit went on strike in early July. Without access to public transportation, moving around the city has become problematic and forced many professionals to work at home.

Fortunately, many companies have realized that video conferencing software can eliminate communication issues while BART closed, according to San Francisco Business Times. The news source notes that some businesses have implemented communication applications to ensure that workers can stay in touch despite the travel issues.