Video conferencing technology helps your business go green

Wednesday, July 24 2013

Many businesses are searching for ways to go green and reduce pollution. For some companies, implementing eco-friendly practices is simply a means to reduce overhead expenses, but Lauren Kelley Koopman, a director for PwC's Sustainable Business Solutions recently told Entrepreneur Magazine that savings aren't the only benefit.

"Cost savings are evolving into revenue generation. Sustainability is next-generation business thinking because it creates value, attracts customers, retains employees and improves capital and funding," Koopman said.

Indeed, going green can help a company improve a wide range of facets. By reducing pollution, an enterprise can show its clients and staff members that it wants to help protect the earth instead of contributing to the growing environmental crisis.

One way businesses become more eco-friendly is by implementing video conferencing technology. The communications software can be used to connect employees and clients around the world without going on expensive and environmentally damaging trips. Instead of asking staff members to fly or drive to meet with buyers, workers can use their applications to conduct meetings right from their desks.

Eliminating business travel can be a great start for helping your company reduce pollution. Consider integrate video conferencing software with your system in the near future to help protect the environment.