Video conferencing technology improves healthcare in Louisiana

Tuesday, July 2 2013

Video conferencing technology enhances communication between distant parties, and in no field is this more important than in healthcare. Medical facilities around the country have begun implementing new platforms so that healthcare providers can contact specialists to improve patient treatment.

Such is the case in Louisiana, as five hospitals are now using video conferencing software for neurological health. According to WAFB, a local ABC affiliate, the Telestroke Medicine Program is now used to connect Our Lady of the Lake, West Feliciana Parish Hospital, Lane Regional Hospital, St. Elizabeth Hospital and the Livingston branch of Our Lady of the Lake.

The communication system has already proved beneficial for some patients. Thelma Layton recently suffered a stroke and was taken to West Feliciana Parish Hospital by her husband. Once there, Dr. Jay Acosta, who works out of Baton Rouge, assessed Layton's condition via a video conference and instructed the on-site personnel as to how to treat her.

"Not only are they able to get somewhere closer, but there's data that the sooner you get it, the better the outcome," said Acosta.

Time is of the essence for healthcare, especially when it comes to neurological conditions. Through video conferencing, doctors can ensure that all patients have access to leading experts to treat all conditions.