Video technology from university to farmer

Tuesday, December 21 2010

It was no easy task getting farming information to the most rural parts of India. That is, until the emergence of video conferencing technology.

The country boasts 52 state agricultural universities, more than 100 Indian Councils of Agriculture Research and 572 Krishi Vigyan Kendras, all with a massive amount of knowledge circulating through their students and professors, reports the Hindu.

But they found that the flow of information between the centers was severely lacking, so the state decided to invest in video conferencing. The schools now have a server linked to multiple video conferencing systems, thanks to support from the National Agricultural Development Programme. Sixty centers are currently connected.

The technology allows students and educators to hold meetings, share Powerpoint presentations and chat online. It also enables scientists, staff and farmers to interact face-to-face to share ideas and learn from each other.

If someone cannot make a scheduled online event, there is always a recorded version of it available online.

India showcased their video conferencing technologies when President Barack Obama visited the country in November. The president interacted digitally with farmers in Rajasthan, a rural farming village that is equipped with a video conferencing facility.