Videoconferencing becoming mainstream solution

Friday, February 25 2011

Videoconferencing is fast becoming a technology solution for major corporations and government sectors, according to Gadget.

Clint Cronjé of Imago Communications provided several factors for growth. He mentions that a major reason for the move to videoconferencing is due to company cutbacks, using the technology "as a substitute for expensive corporate travel." With improved video quality and more ergonomic and user-friendly software as well as hardware designs, online communications also speed up decision-making processes.

With a more comfortable attitude towards new technology, younger executives are also approving video conferencing as a standard in everyday business operations, according to the source. The tool is becoming a part of "the New Normal," a modern point of view in which executives dissect cost drivers and seek other ways to operate efficiently.

With an ongoing global demand, experts predict a 22-25 percent growth in the next year, the report states. Last year alone, videoconferencing sales ran at around $1.7 billion and are expected to increase tremendously during the next few years.