Web conferencing allows students to discuss global strategies

Wednesday, March 30 2011

With the current situation in Japan, teachers are thinking outside the box and using technology to educate students about the importance of coordinated strategies to help nations that have been ravaged by natural disasters.

The program, entitled "International Student Summit: International Responses to Natural Disasters," was a collaborative effort organized by the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh and included 15 schools from around the world linked together through web conferencing technology, according to the Baldwin-Whitehall Patch. Besides Baldwin High School in Pennsylvania, classes from countries like Georgia and Pakistan were invited to discuss the need for countries to cooperate with one another in times of disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis.

The interactive factor that the summit offered allowed students to be engaged because they were already used to the technology. The news source added that more teachers need to make use of such systems to educate kids because "if educators don't keep pace, schools will fall out of the hyperreality in which today's students live and interact."