Web conferencing an important technology in 2011

Monday, January 24 2011

With technology growing at an astounding pace and new applications for mobile and computer devices being discovered every day, it's no surprise that analysts believe web conferencing could be among the most beneficial technologies available to business professionals in 2011.

Businesses may need to increase their bandwidth, writes Shane O'Neill of NetworkWorld.com, due to the ever-increasing popularity of web-based meetings and seminars. According to O'Neill, video conferencing and telepresence are among "the main technologies driving [the] need" for more bandwidth in the small-business world.

"It's almost a guarantee that organizations of all sizes will increase bandwidth in 2011 and 2012 to support growing multimedia within the corporate network," writes O'Neill.

As more and more companies decide to shift to video and web conferencing in order to save on skyrocketing travel costs, the demand for these services will continue to grow. Additionally, as technology advances, video and web conferencing continue to get closer to mimicking in-person meetings.