Web conferencing goes social

Tuesday, May 18 2010

Facebook links loved ones near and far, and Twitter gives users the chance to follow their friends' activities. Could web conferencing be used to literally see what pals are up to?

According to BlackWeb.com, web conferencing tools may soon be used as a way to connect friends and followers via video. Twitter has even started an application that lets users group chat with as many people as they want in a virtual conference room.

This is one of the first sites to combine web conferencing with a social purpose, but the source predicts that more sophisticated video conferencing solutions will soon be leveraged for a number of entertainment opportunities.

From contests that would give people the chance to video chat their favorite celebs to product releases or demonstrations, BlackWeb.com thinks social web conferencing is on the cusp of a breakthrough.

Businesses are already increasingly using web conferencing tools to hold meetings and cut back on travel expenses this year, but using video conferencing solutions with a social angle may mean companies will find useful marketing purposes for the technology, as well.

A web conference debuting new products or broadcasting important industry news could be a new way to engage consumers in 2010. Media News Group says interactive media is increasingly necessary to catch consumers' interest in the competitive climate.