Web conferencing helps promote artists' work

Friday, August 5 2011

Web conferencing is usually associated with business practices, but the technology can be used for recreational purposes as well, such as broadcasting live entertainment events.

With the rapidly growing community of internet users looking for new outlets for information, artists are beginning to utilize web conferencing technology to reach out to fans.

Recently, at the Chicago, Illinois, based Pitchfork Festival, management decided to broadcast the entire event via web conferencing. The technology allowed guests from all over the world to view the performances even though they might be unable to attend the live event.

The entertainment industry has also begun to broadcast smaller shows throughout the world as a way to develop new fans and expand markets into regions that often get left out of a typical tour circuit. Web conferencing technology has played a vital role in expanding artist's reach to new markets.

Companies like MegaMeeting have the capabilities to install affordable web conferencing equipment for large broadcast like concerts and festivals. The technology also can archive events as a way for later audiences to view past performances. In some cases, archived events can act as promotional pieces and encourage viewers to attend future performances.