Webinar helps job seekers

Tuesday, December 14 2010

Although the economy is improving, there are still many people across the country without work. But a recent one-hour webinar, presented by Ford R. Myers, helped job seekers find the career they've been looking for, reports Jackson Sun business reporter Ned B. Hunter.

Myers, a career coach, speaker and author, has written the book Get the Job You Want, Even When No One's Hiring, and, during the webinar, he covered his new book 12 Habits of Highly-Effective Job Seekers in a Down Market.

The online seminar emphasized the importance of expanding your contact database and nurturing relationships through networking, how to use technology in your job search, how to create a solid career portfolio and how to hit a job interview out of the park.

The webinar was free and open to anyone interested in participating.

Richard Banks of the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel offers some additional advice to job seekers in a recent community column. First, you should proofread your resume and have someone else look it over as well. Second, emailing a resume to yourself before sending it on to potential employers will allow you to see how it has changed through computer formatting. Third, in the cover letter and resume, focus on the results you have achieved in past endeavors.