Webinar tip: Don't promote it as first of many

Wednesday, November 14 2012

A growing number of enterprises have begun using video conferencing software to hold webinars. Businesses use digital seminars to educate consumers and staffers about new policies, promotions or anything in between.

There are many steps to take while promoting a webinar and attracting a large number of attendees. While the bulk of your focus should be on the content, you should also make it clear that your online meeting will be self-contained.

If you're using a webinar for advertising purposes, you cannot expect consumers to make a commitment beyond a single sales meeting. When you promote a series of conferences, you may turn away potential customers who only wanted short questions answered and don't want to participate in multiple meetings to have their concerns addressed.

Employees are easily frustrated when their managers dedicate too much time to training. Eventually workers stop paying attention because they have other tasks they'd rather be accomplishing than listening to presentations.

Businesses that do plan on hosting many webinars regularly should invite attendees, but not make the series a requirement. Companies that advertise their conferences as one of many are likely limiting the audience that'll be interested.