Webinars for weight loss: online conferences for childhood obesity prevention

Friday, January 6 2012

Parents and care providers who want information on childhood obesity prevention can participate in one of many free webinars offered by organizations promoting children's health. The webinars are filmed using video conference technology and can be found online through the EPA and NPLAN websites. They feature information about fostering a healthful lifestyle for children through affordable healthy eating, physical activity and community initiatives that support those goals.

The Environmental Protection Agency is offering a bi-monthly webinar series called Improving Children's Health Through Federal Collaboration to help parents understand children's health issues as a whole. Taking away the focus of overeating on its, this webinar teaches parents how to care for the specific needs of growing children including hydration, toxin exposure and illness prevention.

The National Policy & Legal Analysis Network to Prevent Childhood Obesity is hosting a webinar to help parents understand childhood obesity law and policy. Featuring stories about community gardens and funding for healthy food, parents can learn about policies to make healthy lifestyles easier.

Parents can also use the same video conferencing technology to start their own webinar or join a community webinar to share strategies and education about children's health and obesity prevention.