Webinars help educate parents on how to prevent their children from using addictive drugs

Thursday, July 21 2011

Anyone can go onto the internet and find helpful information. However, not everything you read is always the whole truth. When it comes to dealing with drug awareness and education, it's preferred to rely on trusted sources, which can sometimes be hard to find.

The Santa Clarita, California, drug awareness and education program, CADRE (Comprehensive Alcohol and Drug Reducation and Education), in coordination with Medtox Laboratories, has developed an educational webinar to help parents and those interested in finding out more about addictive drugs. The webinar can be utilized to learn more about certain drugs, encourage prevention and provide support to those already suffering from addictions.

This service is extremely important for educating students who are experimenting with pharmaceutical drugs bought from local drug dealers. Many of those drugs are less documented on the internet and the provided webinar directly addresses the issues surrounding the recreational use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Additionally, the webinar will discuss terminology parents might not be aware of. By informing parents about street lingo for newer drugs, the webinar hopes to help create an educated parental force and encourage them to become aware of their children's activities. Companies such as MegaMeeting are giving organizations a better opportunity to reach their markets by providing equipment to create and broadcast educational webinars.