Webinars should always start on time

Tuesday, May 28 2013

Many businesses rely on webinars to train remote employees and educate far-flung clients. According to TechSoup, presenters must develop schedules for their educational sessions to ensure that materials can be organized in the correct manner. For instance, one speaker might need a slide show for his or her discussion while another professional plans on using a video to clarify a confusing issue. 

However, a schedule is only beneficial if a webinar actually begins at the appointed time without any delays. Even the slighest postponement can throw the entire conference into general disarray because every minute counts during digital discussions. 

Social Media Today explains that webinars must start at the correct time to avoid frustrating audience members. In some cases, users might have paid to access the conference and will be upset that their money is being wasted because of tardiness. 

Hosts should log into their webinar applications at least 10 minutes before the official start time. This will allow presenters to deal with unforeseen technical issues that can lead to major headaches. If there will be an extended delay, speakers should send an email to participants stating that the webinar will be postponed until further notice.