Webinars tailor-made for your business

Thursday, November 10 2011

One of the most effective ways to promote a business is by consistently splashing its brand or logo across every medium. A logo, one classic form of advertising, is a subliminal way to instill a company's core belief in the consumer without coming off as pushy or forceful.

MegaMeeting, a web-based video conferencing software, offers a webinar service customized specifically for any business. Webinars have become an effective tool for all types of industries to showcase their particular specialties and skills. PBS Broadcasting and Edutopia, for example, use webinars as interactive educational resources for teachers and parents. It is the perfect way to engage in the conversation of youth education. With services such as MegaMeeting, PBS and Edutopia can remind parents and teachers of their mission by implementing their logo on a customized webinar.

Some businesses host webinars to educate their employees on topics such as social media marketing, while other organizations offer webinars for their consumers to teach them about a particular product or service.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) offers free webinars on treatment for osteoporosis, as well as tips to help strengthen your bones. Adding a simple logo such as NOF's onto its webinars can create a streamlined look across every media platform used by the organization and further enhance its professionalism.