What content can be shown during video conferences?

Tuesday, December 4 2012

A video conference is useful because it connects employees from different locations and allows them to collaboratively complete assignments. However, some meetings may require employees to access certain information that will help them perform work.

Consider the following materials that can easily be incorporated through video conferencing.

1. Videos - A participant can use a video to send direct messages to his or her peers. Make sure that videos are easy to see and can be heard by all parties in the video conference before playing it during the meeting.

2. PowerPoint presentations - Microsoft PowerPoint allows workers to create dazzling displays that can include charts, graphs and various data. Like a video, make sure that workers can clearly view the information included in this presentation. Additionally, providing employees with a copy of the presentation before the meeting could help them get a better idea about its purpose.

3. Audio clips and pictures - Audio clips and pictures can be helpful for employees, but only if the information they provide is useful for meeting participants. Make sure that an audio clip is a safe distance from a microphone before you play it, as this ensures that every participant can hear it. Meanwhile, pictures can be held in front of a camera for attendees to see.