What increased tablet sales mean for video conferencing

Tuesday, June 25 2013

Video conferencing software used to only be compatible with computers because other devices didn't present sufficient connectivity for live communication. However, technology has continued to improve in recent years and now tablets have become fixtures in almost every office, and some workers are using the mobile gadgets to completely replace their desktops. 

Recent data shows that tablets are becoming even more popular. Gartner estimates that tablet shipments will reach 202 million units this year, which is a 67.9 percent increase over 2012. Meanwhile PC sales are expected to drop 10.6 percent to 305 million units. These figures highlight the growing demand for mobility from modern devices. 

Many tablets are compatible with video conferencing programs so users can connect with their associates from any location. Some models include forward-facing cameras that allow professionals to participate in virtual meetings as if they were sitting in front of a desktop. 

Further, tablets allow workers to take their video conferences on the road. Through a dedicated app, employees can log into a meeting as long as they have a network connection. This allows staff members to check in with the home office during business trips.