What is a proxy marriage?

Tuesday, March 27 2012

Love has no borders or boundaries. Even if you and your significant other are separated by distance, there is still an option for you to get married while apart. It is called a proxy marriage, and it is becoming more of a common practice through the use of video conferencing technology.

In a proxy marriage, two people can become legally married even if one or both of the participants are not at the actual marriage ceremony. It’s a completely official process and can be performed as a "single proxy marriage" or a "double proxy marriage" where the use of video conferencing technology can take the place of a proxy or absent partner.

Proxy marriage has been most widely used by service members of the armed forces and have typically used video conferencing software to enhance the event when they cannot be physically present for the ceremony.

According to Pennsylvania Family Law, in 2010, an Air Force Captain serving in Afghanistan wed his fiancée who was living in Texas at the time. They had met and had spent a majority of their time communicating through e-mail and video chat. Using a proxy marriage with video conferencing technology made sense to them.

Though it is not officially recognized across every state, proxy marriage through the use of video conferencing is an option to keep the distance between romantic partners shorter than it may seem.