What is telesurgery?

Thursday, April 5 2012

As technology continues to evolve, many ideas that were previously thought to beconsidered impossible are now realities. One such marvel of today's modern medicine practice is telesurgery.

Remote surgery, combines advanced robotics, video conferencing technology and modern medicine to allow a surgeon to perform an operation without having to be physically present where the patient is located. Telesurgery is conducted using special instruments and software tools that respond to high-speed data collection and information programs, WiseGeek reports.

According to the New York Times, one of the earliest uses of telesurgery operations was performed by Dr. Jacques Marescaux, a surgeon in New York City, who was performing a gallbladder operation on a patient in Strasbourg, France. The operation used a dedicated fiberoptic link, as well as video conferencing technology, to allow the surgeon the ability to visualize and speak with the patient. The operation was a success, sparking a whole new field of practice within the world of surgery.

Prior to remote surgery, people who lived in remote locations were forced to travel great distances in order to benefit from an emergency procedure. Now, these same patients have ready access to even the most specialized surgeons and no longer have to travel to another country in order to be treated, thanks to the video conferencing technology used in the growing telesurgery field.