When should you open your video conferencing software?

Wednesday, August 14 2013

Video conferencing technology is frequently used to host webinars for worldwide audiences. The educational sessions are beneficial for multiple purposes, including marketing and employee training.

No matter what type of webinar you're conducting, there are a few best practices you should follow to avoid any potential headaches. Chief among these strategies is logging on a bit early to ensure that your conference won't be delayed by technical issues.

For instance, the National Association for Family Child Care recommends that users access its webinars 15 minutes before their scheduled start times. According to the NAFCC, this is a necessary step because some participants may need to download the video conferencing software.

Indeed, this is the best strategy to proactively eliminate challenges. If you don't have the necessary software on your computer, you may miss important portions of the presentations. Alternatively, if you're the presenter and you have to delay the webinar because you need to download the conferencing application, the audience will likely think you're unprofessional.

Always give yourself adequate time to log in and download all necessary software. Consider installing an application days before the gathering so you don't have to rush the day of the event.