Why hosts need to customize presentations for video conferences

Friday, May 24 2013

Video conferencing software applications are becoming popular tools for businesses in every industry, but some workers don't understand how to properly use the programs. Some speakers use the same visual aids and presentations from in-person gatherings during digital meetings, which is a faulty practice. Donna Dennis, president of Leadership Solutions Consulting, believes that hosts have to make unique preparations for video conferences. 

"You can't simply take a presentation you gave in front of a live audience at a conference and throw it up on a video monitor for a virtual audience and expect the same results, because you're limited, to a degree, in how you can interact with your virtual audience," Dennis told Inc. Magazine. 

Indeed, digital meetings are a world apart from the in-person alternatives. For one, hosts can't see their entire audience during video conferences, meaning it's nearly impossible to gauge attendees' reactions. Moreover, techniques that are designed to engage a live group might not be as effective with remote participants. 

Presenters should spend time training with their video conferencing software. Learning how to use key features and conducting test meetings will help hosts prepare for digital gatherings that are as productive as in-person discussions.